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    BBottleneck Johnnn

    BAll Around Man

    Back in the summer of 1999 I first heard Eric Bibb’s album “Spirit & The Blues”, released on Opus 3 Records, and it totally and utterly changed the way I look upon and perform music.

    Everything I did turned acoustic and I’ve stayed in the acoustic blues realm ever since.
    I’d been singing the blues for a long time in electric settings and for me something illusive was missing. When I listened and searched back through the years I found my musical home in the old recordings from the late 1920’s and early 30’s.

    The heart of my music is the genuine tone of resonator guitars, I just love the mechanically amplified sound.

    Bottleneck John: Voice, 6 & 12-str. Resonator & Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Electric guitar, Foot Stomp & Kazoo
    Mattias Nordqvist: Grand Piano, Hammond Organ & Wurlitzer
    Kent gren: Resonator & Double Bass
    Lars strand: Mandolin & Fiddle
    Mattias Olofsson: Percussion
    Stefan Swn: Harmonica
    Karl Eneland: Tuba
    Patrik Idell: Guitars

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